Competitions and Regattas

Horsham Week Competition

55th Horsham week - 6th to 13th February 2021

Competition website: Horsham Week 2021


The Horsham Week competition has operating continuously since 1967 and is an opportunity for friendly competition flying in some of the safest country in Australia (nearly every paddock is a one-mile square airfield standard surface).   The Horsham Club wanted this competition to be one where pilots who were quite inexperienced at competition flying could be welcome, feel that they were amongst friends and mentors, and where the fear of outlandings would not stop people from having fun. horshamweek

The competition was started by The Wimmera Soaring Club (now Horsham Flying Club) which ran it continuously for 38 years. Over these years this competition became so highly valued by the participating pilots that when the Wimmera Soaring Club wanted to retire in 2002, the pilots took it over and have run it successfully since then as a competition of the pilots, for the pilots, by the pilots.  

The competition is run at minimum cost and keeps sufficient funds in the bank to cope with two successive wipe outs due to bad weather. 

Past winners, photos, and articles are available on the competition website.


VSA Come & Get It Trophy (CAGIT)


Frank Van Der Hoeven Bendigo Gliding Club has “snatched” the Come and Get It Trophy CAGIT. It is now available to anyone to come and get it from Raywood.