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Make a start.......Join a club?

If you are interested in becoming a glider pilot or would merely like to experience gliding, visit a gliding club.  You too can explore the skies in a sailplane... it's for anyone... of any age... it's fun... relaxing... exhilarating... challenging... it's all year round... and it's an affordable way to fly!

To find the name, location and contact information for gliding clubs affiliated with the Victorian Soaring Association that offer introductory flights and ongoing flying training click on Find a club.

Your first flights will be in a dual-control glider with a qualified instructor.  The process of learning to fly gliders is based on a defined training syllabus and program of skill development exercises Once you have been taught to fly to solo standard (on average 50 take-offs and landings) you will want to develop your newly acquired skills;  there are ongoing coaching programs to assist you with this.

Membership is open to men and women of any age with no special qualifications required. In Australia, the minimum age for flying solo in a glider is 15 years.