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VSA Subsidies for Club Infrastructure Development

Since April 2012, the VSA has been supporting the development of gliding centres which host VSA events for competitions, coaching courses, training courses and meetings of VSA members.

Please note that these subsidies are not applicable to:

Ù purchases of aircraft, instruments, parachutes or other club equipment.

Ù maintenance of club infrastructure which is the ongoing responsibility of each club

VSA encourages smaller clubs to apply for infrastructure grants on the understanding that these clubs host future events for the gliding fraternity.

The VSA President's annual meeting in August 2016 approved a capital budget (from VSA financial reserves) of $9 000 with a likely maximum of $4000 for an individual subsidy.

VSA clubs are invited to apply in accordance with the following guidelines.

Subsidy Guidelines

1. Preference will be given to clubs which host activities/events for the benefit of the broader VSA membership. Subsidy requests which are for the sole benefit of the club are unlikely to be eligible.

2. Infrastructure projects can involve the construction and purchase of facilities. Past examples have included;

Ùinstallation of an air conditioner at GCV to support the first glider simulator in Victoria,

Ù acquisition of a large electronic display at Horsham in support of competitions & coaching, 

Ù upgrading of kitchens at GCV, Horsham and Bacchus to support catering for VSA events,

Ù clubhouse upgrade for Grampians SC to support VSA wave flying, and

Ù a spray booth at the Bacchus Gliding Museum which is available to all VSA members.

3. Subsidies will be on the basis of sharing costs, up to a maximum of 50% from the VSA and will be a matter for negotiation with the VSA Executive Committee.

Applications for projects already completed are unlikely to be approved. Apply early !

Written applications, addressed to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., should provide details of planned infrastructure development, including price quotations, and identify benefits for the broader VSA membership.Once a subsidy is agreed, payment will be provided once there is evidence that the work has been completed or expenditures committed. Documentation should include invoices and/or receipts,.