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Pupils and coaches waiting for launch at Horsham Coaching week 09Horsham 30th January - 5th February 2021


Coaching Week Entries

VSA Coaching Week 2021 - information and entry


Getting Low - This article is reproduced by kind permission of Dave Shorter, LK Soaring Club.

The Horsham Coaching Week (HCW) is an annual event that occurs in the week prior to Horsham Week.  It is designed to develop the skills and experience required for you to fly cross county, both further and faster, and get you ready for Horsham week!  Participants vary widely in skill and experience, but as a minimum, you will need a C Certificate and endorsement from your CFI (if you don't yet have a silver C).  There are no restrictions at the other end.


Participants in Horsham Coaching Week 09

HCW starts on 25 Jan and finishes on 31 Jan.  Each day includes some lectures, daily briefing, tasking, a flight and post flight analysis.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own single seater, however we do have 2 P2 seats available with coaches in high performance 2 seater gliders, if you need it.  A flight with a coach is also an excellent way to get detailed feedback on how to improve your techniques and skills.

Costs.  The entry fee of $50 for the Coashing Week covers costs associated with provision of aircraft and coaches for the week.

Tow and glider hire costs are to be paid directly to the provider (ie: Horsham Club etc.).

In addidition, there is a $50 charge by the Horsham Flying Club to cover local facilities and morning tea provided by the Horsham Flying Club.

Total outlay for each individual is therefore $100, plus flying costs.

So want to fly a big task and fly faster than you currently fly, then HCW is for you.  Visit Horsham Week and go to the Coaching Week page for more info and to sign up.