Women in Gliding is one of the projects funded by Sports & Recreation Victoria. Women currently represent only a small fraction of gliding membership and this project is aimed at increasing participation in our sport by women. Gliding currently attracts mainly males, with about 93% male participation in Victoria and nationally. The 'Victoria's Soaring Women' is aligned with the Gliding Federation of Australia‘s “Soaring to the Future“ initiative and aims to increase the proportion of women taking part in gliding to 4% of total membership over the next four years.o

Gliding is a very sociable, challenging and fun sport. Each year, female glider pilots from all over Australia, meet up at a fellow club. Over the past few years a 'Women in Gliding Week' has been held at West Wyalong (near Temora) in NSW.


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Women's World Gliding - Lake Keepit


ailsayesAilsa McMillan and Louise O'Grady are entering the Pre-World competition as Lake Keepit in January 2019 as part of the Victorian Womens' Gliding Team.  To support them in their endeavour to compete for selection to the Australian Womens' team at the World Competitions on 2020, you can donate through the Australian Sports Foundation.  Lets assist our pilots to get there ....




 Scholarships 2020

YesGirlsGlide Scholarship Rules and Application 2020



VSA YesGirlsGlide. Action Plan Post COVID 2020-2021

 Together More Active - VSA YesGirlsGlide Project Brief 2020-21 Post COVD

Women in Gliding Marketing Plan

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VSA WIG Strategy Plan 2019-2023 

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WIG Calendar Event

WIG week for Eastern States is 8th - 16th December, 2018 in West Wyalong ( near Temora).

Women’s Pre-worlds Gliding Championships -  31st December, 2018 - 11th January, 2019 - Lake Keepit Soaring Club, Australia 

Women’s World Gliding Championships - 1st - 18th January, 2020 - Lake Keepit Soaring Club, Australia