VSA Awards 2020

August 22, 2020, ZOOM Meeting



icon VSA Awards & Trophies 2020





 1Open/18 metre:

 Michael Durrant - Geelong Gliding Club



 2 . State Comp 15 metre: 

 No contest, insufficient entries.




 3. State Comp Club class: 

 Jarek Mosiejewski - Geelong Gliding Club


 Ron Roberts Trophy


 4. Ron Roberts Trophy ­longest flight:

  Mark "Lumpy" Patterson 



 David Hooper Trophy


  5. David Hooper Memorial Trophy longest flight within 2 years of solo: 

Sujai Thomman - Melbourne Gliding Club - for a 344 km flight from Wangaratta, on December 29, 2019


Bob McCullough Trophy 


  6. Bob McCullough Instructing Trophy: 

  Chris Thorpe - Beaufort Gliding Club


 Maurice Little Memorial Trophy


  7. Maurice Little Memorial Trophy for significant achievements in club development: 

  South Gippsland Gliding Club


 Presidents Award


  8. President's Award

   David Cleland - for significants contribution to the VSA and gliding


 IMG 0453


  9. G Vincent Memorial Trophy

   No moninations 

 Living Treasurers


 10. Living Treasures :

  Peter Buskins - Beaufort Gliding Club

  Richard Cotton - VSA

  Steve Coulson - Melbourne Gliding Club

  Peter Carey - Gliding Club of Victoria

  Tony Vost - Gliding Club of Victoria

  Ken Boland - Gliding Club of Victoria




 VSA Certificate of Appreciation


 David Meredith

IMG 0462


 Dave Meredith and Jarel Mosiejewski - Geelong Gliding Club

 For the introduction and Innovation of webinars and info sessions during COVID19 and making these available to all Victorian members.



IMG 0463

IMG 0464

IMG 0465


Terence "Reg" Gardner, Matt Gage  and Colin Collumm (Gliding Club of Victoria) 

 For design and engineering repair on the Analogue VSA simulator.


 IMG 0466


Laurie McKimley (GlidingClub of Victoria)

 For design and engineering repair work to the VSA VR Simulator trailer to ensure more strength and stability in loading/off-loading of the cradle ramp.


 Harbens Mann

James Nugent


 Harbans Mann (South Gippsland Gliding Club) and James Nugent (Australian Junior Gliding Club)

 For the creation, development and administration of the Monash University Soaring Society to introduce younger members of the community into the sport of gliding.