Not "Business as Usual"

Our government bodies have advised in their communications and online webinars that we will be "Doing Sport Differently". 

So, what does that mean?  Not "Business as Usual" or as we know it post COVID19. The guidelines are still being formulated as the pandemic is continued to be assessed. All sport and other activities will be required to follow health guidelines for the foreseeable future.


Relaxing of restrictions will be a slow process and will be evaluated on an ongoing basis as a "second wave" or clusters are evidenced  Clubs need to consider a risk strategy plan and what may be required in relation to how they operate and interact with the public along with their facilities and infrastructure.


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word365logo  VSA Covid Flight Plan V7

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icon AIS Framework for Re-booting in a COVID19 Environment

PptReturning from COVID19 Health and Hygiene

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