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Vicsport's aim is to get as many people in Victoria engaging in sport and physical activity as possible. They are the peak body for sport and active recreation in the state and work closely with the Victorian Government to promote the many benefits sport has to offer. For over 30 years Vicsport has provided advice, assistance and support to its members and the broader sports community. Through their extensive network, Vicsport’s constituency includes 16,000 clubs and associations and over 3.9 million participants including paid staff and volunteers who make a significant contribution to the social, physical, mental and economic wellbeing of the Victorian community.

Vicsport’s four strategic priorities are:

1. Participation

    • Increasing opportunities for physical activity, participation and membership for all Victorians.Promoting innovative, flexible program design and delivery.

2. Industry

    • Industry prosperity and workforce development (paid & volunteer).Supporting the workforce to deliver sport & adapt to new delivery models.Building member capacity.Improving governance and commercial capability.Member capacity and networking (governance, participation, membership and commercial models).


3. Safe, Fair & Inclusive

    • Promoting safe, fair and inclusive sporting environments at all levels.


4. Advocacy

    • Demonstrating and advocating the health, cultural, social, economic and mental well-being benefits of sport to the whole-of-government and relevant agencies.


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