YouthGlide Victoria aims to provide a network opportunity for Victorian Juniors of all levels of flying skills and qualifications and will foster the development of juniors for Air Experience Instructors, Level 1 instructors and introductory airworthiness skills.  YouthGlide particularly aims to capture the imagination of junior pilots from 14 to 18 who mostly need parental involvement and close support from instructors and clubs.

YouthGlide will promote the concept of holding ‘Mini-Camps’ to provide an opportunity to support existing members and helping them stay actively involved in the sport. Mini-Camps will also offer an opportunity to introduce potential new members to our sport at gliding sites around the state and will aim to build positive relationships with host Clubs.

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YouthGlide Scholarship Rules and Application 2020


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word Becoming a VSA Accredited YouthGlide Centre


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