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The Victorian Soaring Association is the regional organisation representing all Gliding Clubs and their members in Victoria and Tasmania.  We promote gliding and the interests of all pilots who fly motorless aircraft of the kind shown in the background picture on this page

If you are not already a glider pilot and you feel the need to try something new - something that will provide excitement, beauty, new challenges and friends - the spectacular sport of gliding offers you a lifetime of pleasures. Real flying in modern gliders enables you to explore the skies for a whole day long, travelling perhaps two or three hundred kilometres before you return home as the sun sets.


It is not difficult to become a safe glider pilot. So long as you are reasonably fit you can learn to glide at any age; you can fly solo as young as 15. Once trained, many newcomers go on to fly cross-country and to enjoy for themselves the exhilaration of finding up-currents of air and viewing the unfolding world below in its proper perspective. And if you like to compete, gliding can be one of the most challenging and demanding of individual sports, both mentally and physically.

But, for most people, the joy of gliding comes from simply flying quietly like a bird in the freedom of the air and sharing with friends their enthusiasm for all that the sport has to offer. There is nothing else they would rather be doing.

To learn more about gliding check out the Getting Started pages.