Coaching Support Program

The VSA supports a coaching program to develop cross country skills for pilots who are seeking to achieve Silver, Gold and Diamond C badges. Three coaching events are currently established:


  1. Introduction to cross country flying at Horsham at the end of January,

  2. Coaching during Horsham Week competition in early February,

  3. Alpine week at Mt Beauty in late February/early March for coaching across the alpine area of North-East Victoria.


Other coaching events which have been held in the past, were:

    • High altitude flying in lenticular wave conditions out of Ararat airfield with the Grampians Soaring Club, and

    • Winter series of evening cross country lectures in Melbourne.


Event organisers may apply to the VSA for up to $500 per event for use at their discretion to ameliorate costs and make involvement more attractive. An event might be a basic Cross-country coaching week, or winter lecture series in Melbourne, or some other recognised and agreed event in the coaching program.

When a VSA event is adversely affected by poor weather or other matters the VSA will assist in covering operational losses provided the Organisers have previously established a realistic budget for the event.