Eric Boschen

Nomination for Living Treasure – Horsham Flying Club


Eric joined the Wimmera Soaring Club (WSC)in 1978, and became treasurer in 1979.

He held the position of treasurer for twenty (20) years over a twenty-five (25) year period until 2004 when the club amalgamated with the Wimmera Sports Aircraft Association, and naming themselves Horsham Flying Club (HFC).

During his time as treasurer he oversaw the purchases of all the current gliders in the club.

On more than one occasion when the club was purchasing gliders and equipment, he supplied bridging finance out of his own funds, when the banks were slow in approving new loans.

In 1989 the WSC honoured Eric with a life membership.

As a hardworking chicken and wheat producer, he worked six and a half days a week on the farm to support his family, his half day off was the weekly trip to church in Minyip.

Upon joining the WSC, and completing his glider training Eric found a new lease of life, and often commented that his gliding outlet was essential to maintaining his sanity!

He retired from active farming and moved to Horsham where he found it easier to frequent the gliding club.

Here he spent many hours maintaining and improving the club’s facilities.

It is due to these efforts, the long term holding of an important club position, and the dedication to the cause of gliding in Horsham, that the HFC wishes to nominate Eric Boschen as a living treasure of the club.