Ingo Renner

Southern Riverina Gliding Club's Living Treasure


 Ingo is out helping, supervising and training at the Tocumwal airfield every day, the first there and the last to leave. He has had 60 years of flying with almost 36,000 gliding hours. He sets high standards and has a very quiet and unassuming manner.

He instills confidence in his students and they believe in themselves. Students find his calm and happy demeanor very comforting. If Ingo doesn't say anything then the student is doing everything right. He doesn't waste words and only corrects a pilot when he makes an error of judgment. He has recently retired as CFI but still an active instructor. He is now able to spend more time in his beloved Discus and no doubt will easily break the 36,000 barrier. We wish him well and he is a well deserving Living Treasure.