Living Treasures

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In 2005 the VSA created an award event, Living Treasures, to formally recognise the contributions of long serving individuals within our various VSA clubs. These were typically individuals at the 'grassroots' level of our sport who had given long and devoted service to their club in such matters as club accounts, club newsletters, aircraft maintenance, instructors, tug pilots and so on. All essential activities which make for a good club.

VSA Living Treasures

 Australian Gliding Museum

 Alan Patching

 Graaeme Barton

 Jim Barton

 Beaufort Gliding Club

 Doug Lyon

 Edwin Grech Cumbo (deceased 2017)

 Bendigo Gliding Club

 Colin Campbell

 Paul Dilks

 Phil McCann

 Geelong Gliding Club

 Doug Vanston

 John Buchanan (deceased 2016)

 Jeff Farrow

 Martin Power 

 David Goldsmith

 Glding Club of Victoria

 Laurie McKinlay

 Rhonda Gelletly

 Grampians Soaring Club

 Brian Wood

 John Anselmi

 Horsham Flying Club

 Eric Boschen (deceased 2017)

 Mount Beauty Gliding Club

 Manfred Rueff (deceased)

 Ray Addinsall (deceased)

 Soaring Club of Tasmania

 John Spilsbury

 Southern Riverina Glding Club

 Bill Harvey

 Ingo Renner

 South Gippsland Gliding Club

 Bob Wylie

 Sunraysia Gliding Club

 Ken Leake (deceased)

 Maurie Harding


 Roger Druce

 Cliff Pritchard

 Judy Laker


 Bill Riley (deceased 2015)

 Max Hedt

 Joe Luciani

 Horsham Flying Club  

(nee Wimmera Soaring Club)

 Peter Weissenfeld

 Werner Grossenbacher (deceased 2012)