VSA Youth Scholarship

Youth Development Program and Youth Post Solo Scholarship

The VSA wishes to support Clubs which encourage young people to take up gliding. Financial support is offered under two options:

1. A grant to VSA Clubs which implement a Youth Development Program, and
2. The Youth Post Solo Scholarship' for individual candidates.


  • It is anticipated that the young pilots in receipt of support will become role models and publicise their activities via social media thereby broadening the appeal of gliding to other young people.

  • The VSA budget for these initiatives depends on available funds, the current annual allocation totals $3000 and is largely subject to grants funding obtained from Sport and Recreation Victoria. So the bidding process is likely to be rather competitive.

  • Applications for support will only be considered where these are made by a gliding club and must address the “Operational Guidelines” set out below.


Youth Development Club Program

Open to any VSA Club which establishes a flight training program specifically for a group of young people. The Mt Beauty Gliding Club, with VSA support, has successfully operated a trial scheme involving five young pilots a few years back. A copy of the Mt Beauty presentation on their scheme is available, please contact David Cleland (email below) for details.

Youth Post Solo Scholarship

Where a VSA Club have insufficient members to operate a youth development program, there are individual scholarships available for a young person who has reached solo stage and wishes to advance to obtain the Glider Pilot Certificate (GPC) to train with that club.
Clubs are encouraged to seek out suitable candidates to apply for scholarships. The VSA would expect no more than two scholarships in one Club at any one time. If there is additional demand the Club will be encouraged to adopt a youth development program.

Operational Guidelines

1. The Youth Post Solo Scholarship will subsidise the direct costs of flight training (launching and glider hire) - $1000 for aerotow clubs, $500 for winch clubs.
2. For the Youth Development program the VSA will agree with the Club an appropriate level of funding depending on the number of student pilots involved.
3. All young pilots will be responsible for their GFA and Club membership fees.
4. Individual scholarships and Club programs are for a 12 month duration from the date of being awarded. Requests for extensions of time and/or funding will be considered.
5. Clubs are expected to : 

  • provide additional subsidies to student pilots either on flying rates, club membership or both,
  • hold the VSA scholarship funds in trust and utilise them to reimburse flight training expenses, and

  • ensure the young pilots achieve a satisfactory rate of progress.

  • Provide the VSA with an acquittal of expenses per student .

  • Return any surplus monies if the student discontinues the program

6. Young pilots must be no older than 21 years of age at the time of application.
7. The VSA supports family participation, where possible, in order that the young pilots are given ongoing encouragement and recognition.
8. Young pilots will be encouraged to:

  • Provide an interview for the VSA Newsletter and/or Gliding Australia magazine

  • Publicise their experiences to other young pilots via social media

  • Maintain a level of activity which ensures consistent training progress given that there will be times when educational study has priority.


Written applications should address the requirements of the operational guidelines and email the VSA secretary at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

David Cleland
VSA Secretary
March 2015