Initiatives and Funding

The VSA runs a number of support programs for clubs and individual members.  

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The VSA provides funding for various projects for its affiliated clubs.  Funding Request Form



icon VSA Cost Recovery Agreement - Gliding Simulators


 Resources for ClubsVSA Subsidies for Club Infrastructure Development


Instructor Subsidy - Instructor subsidy details. 


Signage Subsidy - To VSA clubs whose airfield is not visible to the road users or is difficult to find. 


Travel Subsidy - To encourage more attendance at key VSA meetings .


Airworthiness Courses - The VSA supports the running of Airworthiness courses arranged by RTO/A's. 


Coaching Support Program - To better establish and develop coaching events within the state.


Competitions - VSA sanctioned events.


 VSA Assistance for Gliders Damaged at VSA events -icon VSA Glider Damage Policy Version 2


VSA Competition Aircraft Support - The VSA subsidises juniors to competition and coaching workshops. 


VSA Junior Funding Guidelines - The VSA wishes to supprt Clubs which encourage young people to take up gliding. 


Club Development - To encourage all clubs to develop ongoing programs of promotion.


Seminars & Symposium - The VSA hosts and arranges a variety of events.


GFA Guide to Club Resources 


First Aid Training - Several clubs have raised the issue of having trained First Aid personnel.