431 Gliding Flight AAFC

Gliding returns to RAAF Point Cook.IMG 4697

After a trial operation 4 Wing AAFC, actually got airborne for the first time on Sunday the 13 th of December and took our first cadet up in an Air force ASK 21 Mi Self launching glider at Point Cook - thus making history!

We recruited the help of Mark Bland ( arguably the most experienced  ASK 21 Mi pilot & instructor in the country). Mark and I took the first flight for mutual familiarising & checks and then Mark took the first cadet up. Subsequent to that flight, between Mark & I, we took up another 4 cadets, totalling 6 flights for the day and making history - Thanks Mark for your support.

IMG 4698

It's been more than 20 years since a glider has flown in the area and whilst there's not much opportunity for soaring - it's a magical  & historical area to fly and a fantastic environment to introduce young people to the sport, thus providing opportunity to promote gliding training to cadets.



Looking forward  to continued operations.


John Rule

Pilot Officer (AAFC)
Chief Flying Instructor Gliding,
400 Sqn Air Operations