Airworthiness Course

VSA airworthiness training courses in 2018 will be run by our RTO/A's Phil Organ and Joe Luciani for Form 2 Engineering qualifications, Minor Repairs and Weight & Balance.

Courses will be aimed at assisting VSA Clubs develop their internal airworthiness resources and preference will be given to candidates nominated by their Club.

All training will be held at Composite Components, Ballarat Airport over September to October. Form 2 courses will be advertised to clubs in April and candidates selected by end-May. This allows candidates three months for the pre-course study required of them.

Form 2 Engineering Qualification

Course # 1 - Monday 10 September to Friday 14 September
Course # 2 - Monday 17 September to Friday 21 September

Maximum of 6 candidates per course. All candidates to be nominated by their Club Airworthiness Administration Officer (AAO)

Nominations will likely exceed availability and final selection will be made by the RTO/A's in conjunction with the VSA Executive.

Course cost is $ 1,500 per candidate. VSA will subsidise up to $500 per candidate and we recommend each club offers a matching $500 subsidy for their nominated candidate/s.

Course preparation includes :

• Thorough review of the GFA Airworthiness on-line documentation including :

◦ Basic Sailplane Engineering
◦ Manual of Standard Procedures (Airworthiness)
◦ On-line Airworthiness training modules ( currently 14 in total)

• Participation in Club glider maintenance ( recorded on GFA work experience forms)

• For the nominated glider to be inspected gather all the relevant AD's, AN's, EASA notices (as applicable) and Manufacturer's maintenance advice notices.

• Assemble the recommended kit of tools including protective clothing and equipment.

Other Courses

The other courses for Minor Repairs and W&B will be organised in a similar fashion but only for 3-4 candidates per course. Details to be advised by mid-May.

FRP Minor Repairs 22 – 26 October and 29 Oct – 2 November

Weight & Balance – Dates to be advised